Thursday, August 18, 2011

life lessons

in hindsight, this was maybe the wrong thing to wear on such a hot day. after photos and waiting in the pickup line at school, i was sweating like a beast. and polyester isn't the most breathable of fabrics. but i learned my lesson and will probably wear my bathing suit today. totally joking....kinda.
and speaking of lessons, i'm working on teaching my kiddo the value of money. i think we spent an hour in the toy aisle crying and complaining about how expensive the cool legos are. he had some money saved up but it wasn't quite enough to cover the cost of what he wanted. in the end, he compromised and got a smaller pack. he's still happy with his purchase, but i think he's finally grasping the reality of the thing. poor little guy, life is hard sometimes.
dress-old navy, thrift
bag-available in my store
shoes-bass, thrift


Anonymous said...

i love that bag! <3

Anonymous said...

I had my first experience with the pickup line yesterday. Seems so inefficient--over 100 cars, inching along and teachers barking out walky talky instructions. Crazy way for the school district to save on bussing.

Lauren said...

Even if it wasn't weather appropriate, it still looks awesome. That dress is adorable on you, and I love the hat.

Lauren @ See Parrot

The Daily Fashionista said...

Well, at least you look fab:) This dress is super versatile!

Kimberellie said...

Well, you look fantastic! So perhaps it was worth it? I'm actually surprised by the amount of bloggers who regularly wear polyester. I VERY rarely wear it. I just can't stand the ick sweat factor of it. But I mean, sometimes, if the item of clothing is really cute. Sigh...we women are silly sometimes! ;-)

oh, and props for the valuable lesson! I am pretty positive I would have caved and taught my son the sub par value of "credit" (ie. I pay the difference now, he pays me back). Mind you, were not there yet, and maybe I'm made of tougher stuff than that! We'll see!

heart: K

Kayla said...

Oh that's such a hard lesson to learn. Of course I think I'm still learning it! I often stand in aisles at stores and cry a bit to myself about all of the things I wish I could afford if only they didn't cost so darn much!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

That's good you're teaching him about the value of money. I remember when my mom used to always say "no" and would whisper "we really hardly have the money to even put food on the table, let alone buy you toys. If I had the money I would give you all you wanted." and so if I asked for things in the future and got a "no" I accepted it without arguing. That was probably at age 5 or 6. I've been teaching Leto that too lately and he's pretty good and doesn't ever argue with me. It's nice when they can understand things like that. Legos are great. That's all my sons seem to want to play with too. Christmas is coming!!!!!!!

triskelos said...

Oh, it is a hard lesson. I remember 5 or 6 year old me, crying over a doll in a long lace dress. I think it was very hard for my mom, but children have to learn one day, that they can't have it all.
I really like the colors of your outfit <3