Friday, June 3, 2011

summer time

the family left this morning and now comes the arduous task of cleaning after a week of guests. lame. i'd so much rather do the pre-visit clean. at least there's some fun anticipation with that.
and it's the last day of school!!!!! since i can't even wrap my head around the fact that it means i now have a FIRST GRADER, i'll just be excited that he finished kindergarten and has grown so much. i'm trying to think of super fun things we can do to celebrate the end of the year. i mean, this is a big deal! i remember how pumped i was to finally be rid of school for three months. ahhhhhhh, summer..........
i'm totally gonna show my really geeky, slightly immature side and say that this reminds me of high school musical 2: what time is it? summer time!
shirt-from my shop
shorts-vintage, lafemme vintage, etsy
bag-vintage, thrift


Anonymous said...

Haha, I hate the post party clean up too! But, you look great! I love the print on those shorts!

A plus,
Driftwood and Daydreams

Anonymous said...

yes!!!! gosh, the last day of the school year was totally the best!!!

Anonymous said...

awww...a first grader. i remember those days. :)
taylor is going to be in 6th grade!!! i begged him to repeat 5th (because i'm not ready for him to be in "jr high"), but he said no.

i'd like him to stay 10 forever...

Julie said...

Wow! They grow up so fast! I bet he's siked for Summer vacay!

The Daily Fashionista said...

What a great outfit to wear for a summer day:) I miss those days so long ago where I didn't have anything to worry about but summer fun!!

islabell said...

ahhh fırst grade. what a bıg step...ı am sure he ıs super pumped too.

love those shorts! that prınt has stolen my heart and ı lıke how you styled ıt wıth those wee boots.


Ashley said...

I love everything about your outfit, especially your shorts! Does your top have a pattern on it? It almost looks like knitwear; I love it, too. And yay for summer holidays! I think I lived my entire young life waiting for those three months to roll around again. xx

Sophi said...

:) You look lovely, and these photos are just gorgeous!

The post-fun-times cleanup always really is a bummer although the cleanliness you get to enjoy after is quite nice. I get upset by mess, so it's a bit of a relief.

It's crazy to imagine having the first summer vacation of your life... I'm getting near the point where it'll be my last one, which is utterly terrifying haha.


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

what a big boy!!! that's wonderful!! congratulations!! aw. Being a mom is sometimes so sad right? hehe. okay maybe not.

I am FINALLY caught up with your blog. I am really behind in my reading otherwise and apologize for the slacking off!