Friday, June 17, 2011

homemade wonderful bread

Picture 1
so yesterday i tried my hand at baking my first loaf of gluten free bread. now, i'll admit to using a mix but still I MADE HOMEMADE BREAD!!! and boy howdy is it ever delicious. all told i had three pieces of it throughout the day. i've had udi's gf bread before, but you buy it frozen and it's pretty dry. if you don't toast it, it's no good. but this was moist and oh so tasty.
i bought bob's red mill gf homemade wonderful bread mix (this is not just a clever name). it has a mix of several different flours such as garbonzo, sorghum, and potato. some use almond flours but i also have a nut sensitivity so i have to steer clear of those. i added milk, 1 egg, a couple egg whites, veggie oil, and apple cider vinegar-stir, let rise, bake till golden brown. i let it cool for as long as i could stand it!! i sliced a bit off and paired it with my farmer's market greens and a hard boiled egg and iced tea. best lunch i've had in a while :)
Picture 2
and the boys even like this bread! seems i'm gonna become a baking queen.


Gabrielle said...

how delicious!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Yum! Fresh baked bread smells so good!

Anonymous said...

those bread look delicious.
Xx liefs

Julie said...

Mmmm, looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

My GF bread could break windows - yours looks impressively yummy! I can't go for sorghum or corn so major sympathies on the almond flour - glad you could find a mix without.

islabell said...

warm baked bread is the greatest!!!!
i want it

Anonymous said...

uhm....YUM! i have thee same brand's gf pancake mix its not my fav (the trader joes brand is!). glad you got some warm, yummy homemade bread! :D

Kara P. said...

I really love the recipes on My favorites are the 30 minute flat bread, the sandwich bread, the biscuits, and the pizza crust. I think that all four of those recipes are nut free as well.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I have never made nor tried making my own bread at all but it looks and would be so much easier probably, is it???