Tuesday, June 21, 2011


so i totally ruined this dress from the last time i wore it. ugh. the laundering instructions are nowhere to be found but i thought since it was second hand, it had been washed and dried......apparently not. i shrank the junk out of it. so now it is only appropriate paired with shorts or as a bathing suit cover up as it is being utilized here. i spent my afternoon lounging by my friends pool while the kiddos splashed and had a high time swimming. it was blasting hot and the perfect day to sip on iced tea and catch some rays. i was diligent about sunscreening my upper body but the legs not so much. i got a wee sunburn. but this morning it is pretty much gone and now just a bronzy tan.
and i stocked up on my salad greens at the farmers market already today and got some fresh peaches and local honey. i'm already looking forward to lunch! this longest day of the year is off to a great start. ahhhhh summer. i heart you.
sweater-from my shop
dress-from my shop
bag-gap, years ago
shoes-saltwater, clever nettle, etsy


KristiMcMurry said...

love the shoes! I'm jealous of your pool time. I've got to take a day and relax by the pool soon...it sounds so appealing!

Kayla said...

I love this outfit! You look so comfy and chic! I also hate when an outfit shrinks! I always assume that something is washed because it's second hand, and occasionally something slips through the cracks. Always the pretty ones!

rainbows & fairydust said...

cute outfit! LOVE that bag xx

Loren said...

So cute. Your legs seriously go one for MILES. Looks great for an afternoon by the pool :)

Linda Z said...

Bummer about the shrinking... I have done that, too. With a really wonderful sweater coat that I loved! I love your bag! :)

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Cute look!

I really need Saltwater sandals :p


Anonymous said...

Your legs look like they are a mile long--thanks to the shrunken dress. :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

You seem to tan really well even when you burn. Tis a pity when things shrink!