Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i'll be better when i'm older

song of the day: 'i'll be' by edwin mccain
so i'm sitting here in a hotel room overlooking the fayetteville square on this the 30th anniversary of my birth. yep, that's right. today's my birthday. i've been dreading this day for about 5 years. i love my birthday. like it's my favorite day of the year, then christmas. yeah, it's a big deal to me. but this one is a bit harder for me to take. it's the realization that i'm no longer young. i've always been the youngest. in my family, among my friends, and really just anyone i hung out with. but now it's not that way. i'm old.
but it's not all sad. as i look back on my 20s, i learned a ton. i know myself better now than i did 10 years ago. i'm happier, more fit and healthy than i was when i turned 20. i think i'm finally coming to terms with the things i didn't like about myself. i have a better relationship with me. i love more now than i did then. so, it's not as sad a day as i had made it out to be. i think this will definitely be a day of reflection for me. well that and a day of shopping.
my sweet husband surprised me by lining up a sitter for our son so he could take me out to dinner and to stay a night in town. i was pretty thrilled. we took these pictures before leaving the house last night. aren't we cute? seriously, we look so cool in our all black. but anyway, we had a fantastic night. now we are going to hit the vintage stores like ravenous dogs before it's time to pick the kiddo up from school. so i'll leave you all now and get to it!


idée_géniale said...

Oh you guys look great!!! And don't worry about: Age ain't nothin' but a number, as the wise Aliyah once said (god rest her soul). You look fantastic and you feel fantastic so what's the big deal??? Have a good one!

Second Skin said...

Ahhhh! Happy birthday! I think 30 suits you VERY well young lady (and I can say that since you are younger than me.) You two look hot! A modern day Sandy D and Danny Z!!

Hen said...

Happy Birthday! You both look great!

rainbows & fairydust said...

happy BIG birthday!!

you guys DO look cute xoxoxo

Archives said...

Amanda! Happy birthday!!!! You guys look hardcore in your black ensembles! Love it.

Hope you have a wonderful day shopping!

ps - Totally agree about getting to know yourself better with each year. I definitely have grown so much since I was 20. Now, with 30 *right* around the corner, I actually look forward to being older and having more life experience under my belt.

Future Lint said...

Awww, happy birthday! You soooo don't look 30, so there's consolation in that, right? I love your sparkles! Good luck with the vintage shopping!

Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

Happy Birthday!! What are you talking about, you are definitely young! And gorgeous and amazingly fit :o)

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday love! 30 will be your decade...Own it :)

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday! It's all about how young you feel... plus, you don't look like 30 AT ALL so be proud that you've conquered 3 decades!

Btw, this is the lecture I've been giving myself since last February, when I turned 30 ;)


shealennon said...

Happy Birthday!! You and your hubbie look fierce and fabulous. Have a wonderful night!

merl said...


you two look like dynamite. I'm going to have a nice cool brew right NOW in your honor.

Love you lady love!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow you two look SO good together!!

I seriously wish I could come hang out in your shop one day and just chat with you about everything, you really just seem a very wise-beyond-your-30-years person!

Pity about that whole Pacific Ocean thing that stops me coming to the USA whenever I please.

Meggstatus said...

You guys look pretty bad ass. Your husband is a natural in front of the camera!!!


Anonymous said...

You two look FABULOUS together! Loving the black outfits. You my dear look fabulous and I had NO IDEA you were turning 30! Work it girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Myriam said...

Happy anniversary of your birth.

You look incredible and you have an impeccable sense of style. I only hope to be as successful when I turn 30. Basically, don't fret...you got it goin' on, gurhhfrannn!

♥ ♥ ♥

KristiMcMurry said...

You two look fierce! haha (check me out getting all Tyra Banks on you)

Glad you're having/had a nice birthday! You seem like you're living a splendid life :)

Kimberellie said...

Happy Birthday! You look gorgeous! And your husband is pretty fine too! What a glamorous and attractive couple you two make! Having such a good looking man and being so good looking yourself must take the sting out of being thirty a little? No? ;-)

Sounds like you had a fun day and evening. I won't be thirty myself until next year...but had the same existential crisis with my 29th this year--I think it had something to do with my mother claiming to be 29 for SIX years (at least). Made me think it was the last age a woman was "young at".

But I have got to say you are proving my mother wrong.

Heart: Kimberellie

acute angle said...

OH! Happy Belated BDAY! You guys look rockin'!! XO!!

Justice Pirate said...

You make a wonderful 30 year old. . . I dread turning 30 too. . . 3 years, 1 month, and 2 days to go for me though. Let me know how it goes as time goes by. I am afraid of a break down when I turn 30.

Anonymous said...

i sent you a text, but again...happy bday!! (belated, but not really. just...belated in blog world.) anyway...i'm so glad you had a wonderful bday and welcome to 30!!! xoxo