Thursday, September 23, 2010

seasons change

song of the day: 'seasons change' by expose
doesn't it look like it was cool and crisp out? yeah well no it wasn't. it was hot. but i just love my boots! once i've put them on, they are very persuasive. they whisper to me 'you know you can't find a better shoe for this outfit. don't worry about the weather, i'll take care of it.' and who can resist a pair of talking boots?
but it is that time of year again. officially, the first full day of autumn here in the northern hemisphere (did anyone else see the full moon last night? so awesome!!!). and with that means cooler temps, boots, changing leaves, lots of football, and races. that's right, i'm trying to figure out what race i want to do and where i want to do it. all this time, i've thought i'd just do a half-marathon and save the full for the spring. maybe it's because matt did a big race last sunday, but i've gotten the itch to go the distance. i'm considering running in dallas this december. do any of you live there? that would be pretty cool to meet a blogger friend too out of the deal. or do any of you want to run it with me??? that would be even cooler. seriously, think about it. there's a half with it too, if that helps :)
and you may or may not have noticed that i did not update my shop yesterday. well that's on the agenda for today. again.
dress-vintage, ebay
boots-vintage, ebay


miha, skinny buddha said...

yeap, i definitely need to get myself a pair of boots just like your, cuz they're awesome. and you look lovely by the way :)

Dalena Vintage said...

Go for it! If I were in Texas, I'd say I would meet ya for it and maybe even get in shape for the half. Alas...I am not at the moment!!

Lilpixie said...

Love your boots!

Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

I can't be your running buddy, but ill gladly take that dress off your hands if you get tired of it! Too bad long distance clothes borrowing can be a bit of a hassle :o)

Kimberellie said...

Hello cutie. Have I told you recently that I adore you and I adore your style? Well here's me telling you. You are awesome. This look is awesome. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is my fav look of the day so far.

Ten points to you (I don't know what you can do with the points...but they're fun, I assure you).

heart: miss furnellie

shealennon said...

Wow I have a big crush on that dress. And those talking boots are awesome :)

Justice Pirate said...

wow I really didn't know boots could talk. I love the outfit. Sorry I don't live in Dallas, but have fun running!

Zoƫ said...

OH, talking boots! I love talking boots- especially because, now that I think about it- all of the boots I have known have spoken, and have been very persuasive.

I wish I could have seen the Moon last night, but we had rain. I very much enjoy the rain as well, but seriously??? On the Equinox?? Pshhh.....

Oh &- While you do (literally) have the best legs that I Have Ever Seen, the last thing I, myself, would ever want to do is run.

Unless the question is, "What do want to do when a murderer/rapist chases you?" Then, I want to run.

Other than that, I am an excellent water-hander. So, if there's a race near me your interested in (you did recently miss the Bolder Boulder), then I assure you I will be there with cool water at the finish line for you.


Anonymous said...

"Why do today what you can put off 'til tomorrow?" - anon (LOL)

Your classic look is perfect for welcoming in Fall, and you find the best vintage boots!

Amanda said...

I can't resist talking boots either. Or talking cardigans. Or talking sweaters. I need to learn to though, or I'll die of heat stroke before I know it.

Oh, and I should just tell you now that I was gonna use this in my "Looks I Love" post for Sunday. It's too cute!

And also, of course I know "cat scratch fever"! That's my time period when it comes to music!

Anonymous said...

As I left class last night at 9:45, I was amazed by that lightbulb of a full moon.

Anonymous said...

As I left class last night at 9:45, I was amazed by that lightbulb of a full moon.

Lara said...

Autumn? Agh. It has been in the 80s here. Horrible. I really want to wear my boots!

KristiMcMurry said...! I'm with you in the hottness. It was in the high 90s today :( Makes me sad! But I did see the moon last night! It was soooo gorgeous.

Between Laundry Days said...

This is the perfect, PERFECT, pre-fall outfit. I mean, seriously.

Anonymous said...

teehee this is very similar to one of my go to outfits. very very. meaning i like it muchly!

rainbows & fairydust said...

love ur dress x