Friday, September 3, 2010

golden dreams were shiny days

song of the day: 'september' by earth wind & fire
wow. labor day weekend is upon us and for those of us who live in the states, it marks the end of summer. there's just no pretending anymore. it's gone. the barbeques, the lazy days in the sun, pool side parties all gone. this morning was cold and it just kinda made me mad. i'm not ready to be cold all the time. usually by october, i'm getting used to the idea and secretly excited to pull on my boots and grab a cardigan. but the beginning of september is just such a strange time. freezing (and i think anything below 70 is freezing) in the mornings but warm in the afternoon. the weather is just so non-committal, you know? like a skort. is it shorts, is it a skirt? right now, is it still summer, should i embrace fall? so confusing.
so i hope that you all will hold tight to the summer that is still to be had over the next couple days. soak up the sun and the warmth and store it away for the winter. you'll need it.
be safe and have fun!
and i wanted to give you a little sneaky peek of a coat that will make it into the shop soon. it is sooooo warm. like i couldn't wait to get it off so i wouldn't die of heat stroke (it was really muggy out). but that will come in quite handy in about 3 months. and the furry hood? fantastic.
shirt-from my sister-in-law
skirt-urban outfitters
boots-steve madden, idee geniale's closet


Rosie said...

Great classic outfit! Omg that coat is insanley amazing too! Happy Labor Day weekend yourself!

Sarah said...

I love this look. Classic and chic. Those boots are so amazing!

Second Skin said...

I have a coat like that but it has no hood! Its great! I can't believe you are selling it but isn't that always the way. Things come things go. As does Summer. and As you know I am freaking sad over it too! Lets hope a nice warm indian summer blows in and keeps us toasty to the end of the month at least! Your skort and hand clutch are just wonderful!

Oh, and still thinking about your family and mom. Sending thoughts and love your direction.

jane paludanus said...

oooh i love the lace skirt, very pretty! and that coat looks so good ♥

Clare said...

I love this; totally inspired me!

And what an AMAZING jacket!

KristiMcMurry said...

I love that skirt!

I am actually REALLY happy about summer saying goodbye. It's been outrageously hot and humid here, and I'm so glad to be able to go outside and not be miserable. ha! I do hate being cold that's going to be a bummer.

Kimberellie said...

This outfit is so incredibly beautiful. And that skirt is so lovely. Oh, and the jacket, wow wow wow. I do ever so much want to buy it...It is so very beautiful.

You are lovely.

rainbows & fairydust said...

love love love your sooo gorgeous xx

Venn said...

ohhhh! i love ur lace skirt! :D