Tuesday, September 21, 2010

cat scratch fever

song of the day: 'cat scratch fever' by ted nugent
well i just got through eating my weight in sour gummy worms (yummmmm). how has your tuesday been shaping up so far? aside from eating some sugary goodness, mine has been kinda busy. which is good cuz the busier i am, the more i stay out of trouble.
i've worn this sweatshirt before. i picked it up at the thrift last winter and it has become one of my favorite things. it's so comfortable and worn and a bit old school. well, i got curious about who these castaic cougars were and decided to do some reconnaissance. apparently it is from a middle school out in the santa clarita valley in california. how it got in a thrift store here in northwest arkansas, i'll never know. i am only glad that it did and that i was the fortunate one to pick it up. so i now wear this shirt proudly for the cougars of castaic middle school, 'where the curriculum is rigorous and relevant'.


Between Laundry Days said...

Once I saw a kid wearing a t-shirt from my high school in La Paz, Bolivia. Crazy ass world.

I love this simple, cute outfit!

Archives said...

sweatshirt and skirt combo...not something i would have thought to put together! love it!

Hannah said...

Believe it or not, I was thinking of wearing nearly the same thing today. I should have. You look adorable.

Amanda said...

Great, cozy outfit! I survived Tuesday and that's all I can ask for. Not my favorite day of the week.

Oh, and I thought you should know this. Some days I get these random songs stuck in my head and then when I get online later they are always the title of your blog posts! So crazy! Like this morning when I was walking to class, I kept humming "cat scratch fever". haha

KristiMcMurry said...

Such a cute outfit :) I love that you looked up where the shirt came from. I have thought about doing that before, but never have!

Kimberellie said...

I really love the volume of the skirt and just the balance in this outfit--you always do that so well!


"'where the curriculum is rigorous and relevant'." LOL love it. Great research into your skirt!

Happy Tuesday!

heart: miss furnellie

ps. mine has been lackluster...but the husband is currently making me dinner. So it's looking up!

chicfaced said...

here's a story about thrifting school shirts.

i found this awesome looking school shirt - it was bright blue and had a spartan looking guy in gold. Fit well and was $1. I was pretty excited. Then I got home and threw it in my hamper and saw the back of it which read "TWILIGHT ECLIPSE". ....................

soo...that shirt is going back to the thrift store.

Anyway, you obviously had way more luck! I like those flats too - are they a recent Target purchase?

lou and una said...

OOOh love the sweater & bag!!!!

Lou & Una x x