Thursday, September 30, 2010

oh well whatever nevermind

song of the day: 'smells like teen spirit' by nirvana
get ready for lots of pictures today. matt bought a little flip camera, but this one's a sony bloggie. cute huh? i'm going to do the house tour with it (it was on my list of things to do today but then the kiddo was up all night with a stomach ache so he's home from school and we're still in jammies). so we all went over to the park by the house to take some rad video and i also had matt take my outfit shots by the fountain. a fairly picturesque spot, no?
i bought this dress while out on my birthday shopping spree. it is like the most comfortable thing EVER!
k, so my song of the day is a bit more hard core than i normally go. VH1's top 100 songs of the 90s was on last night and this was the number 1 song of the decade. obvs! i mean, the 90s were all about grunge and angry rock music and teen angst. i remember going through a phase where i dressed in baggy jeans and plaid EVERY DAY. if you grew up in the 90s, you couldn't escape it. it was every where: on tv, in all the stores, in mags. plaid flannel was IT. the uglier you looked, the better. it got me thinking (as i was waxing philosophic since i was tired and up late with a sick kid and what not) that the grunge movement was a direct rebellion of what was going on at the time. leaving the big hair, power ballads, and affluence of the 80s behind, gen x just wanted to say that life isn't always shiny and pretty. quite often it was ugly, i mean, hello! 'everybody hurts sometimes'!! but like, our grandparents grew up right around the depression so that shaped how they raised their kids-they didn't get a lot of extras, they saved everything (which is why we have so much great vintage), and saw non-essentials as just that. then our parents wanted us to have everything they didn't have so they went to the other extreme. our generation comes along and says this is all just stuff and nonsense. it doesn't equal love, it doesn't replace quality time. oh well whatever nevermind. ya know? it makes me think just what our kids are going to do. what will they rebel against? what's going to be their stance? maybe it will be the green movement, the back to basics movement, back to craftsmanship and less corporate. live with integrity, without lies. that would be great.
ok, i'm done.


Justice Pirate said...

I hope kids rebel to do good. haha. it is the norm to do whatever these days, so I just mean to want to make choices NOT to do things normal teens think is "cool" and all that. I constantly pray that my boys will be leaders and not followers.

I really was always so freaked out by the things that went on in the 90s. that was a scary decade to me, and I was a teenager in the last few years of it only, but my two older brothers and the things they got into and what I saw them do in that time was what freaked me out I think really (they are 9 and 7 years older than me, I'll be 27 in a few days over a month)..

KristiMcMurry said...

You are quite insightful today! I've wondered about that too. It will be interesting to see how the next generation will lives. I do hope the green movement spreads and grows!

Also, like your photos!

Kimberellie said...

Great dress. And great pics. I love the last one of your husband and your son.

As for what our children are going to rebel against: I wonder too. Time will tell, hey?

And yes. ME too. Plaid and huge baggy jeans EVERY day. My parents could not understand why I would do my make up all pretty and then put on THAT. Now that I'm an adult (and a parent) I see their point. I looked dumb. ;-)

heart: Kimberellie

Between Laundry Days said...

I'm so late in commenting here, but I just had to drop by and tell you how much I love this post. The dress is beautiful, and your words about generational reaction and rebellion are so insightful.