Monday, September 20, 2010

you never wanna see the sun go down

song of the day: 'on a day like today' by bryan adams
just want you all to know that i am now married to an ironman. makes me feel a little bit important.
matt had the day off today to rest and relax and that's exactly what we did. which is why i am just now getting to my post. there aren't better bum around shorts than levi's cutoffs in my opinion. such delightful things these are. i bought this shirt this morning actually. we did a little thrifting after dropping the kiddo off at school and having breakfast. i picked up this top and when we got home, i wanted to try it on. well, i didn't really want to take it off at that point, so on me it stayed. it's just so easy breezy on a hot day. and i am thankful for the indian summer that's been hanging on. i was so scared it was going to get cold too quickly, but it was in the 90s, clear and bright and sunny today. ahhhh, just how i like it. i hear rumors of a cold front though.
but back to my wonderful day...days like this make me loathe a real schedule. i don't like the feeling of having to do something (which indeed is one reason why i opened my own store. no one could tell me what to do and when to do it). it just feels so nice to have a slow easy morning that turns into a relaxing afternoon (complete with single malt scotch at 2:00). i love having matt home, and it was made even nicer by the warmth of the day. made me forget for a time that soon it will be over and we'll once again be busy. sigh.
here is my handsome husband right after he finished the branson ironman 70.3.
shorts-vintage, thrifted
shoes-urban outfitters
bag-vintage d&b, thrifted


Kimberellie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! Holy do I ever! Oh and scotch at two pm? Oh, we would so be friends if you lived near! Though you probably would be complaining about the cold all the time. And then you might get depressed about it. And then soon you might be having scotch EVERY day at 2 pm. Oh, it could all turn very tragic.

Best you stay there and we continue to be friends from far away!

heart: miss furnellie

ps. yes, very handsome husband. It's nice having a handsome husband, isnt' it? ;-)

Anonymous said...

scotch?! you're harder core than i ever thought...i can hardly handle wine on a work night...we must party it up one of these days! and we will. i will make it happen! :)

Between Laundry Days said...

Yay for your hubby! I love your casual outfit. Sounds like a lovely laid-back day.

rainbows & fairydust said...

LOVE ur blouse and ur bag! gorgeous!

almost as gorgeous as ur hubby! you guys are soo good looking and fit, I need to go to the gym more! you have inspired me!!

Archives said...

yay for a lazy day...and YAY for your husband being an ironman! that is an amazing feat!

myedit said...

Bryan Adams, good cut-offs and ironman husbands (nto that my husband is one...) are all good in my books.