Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i'm crazy for tryin'

song of the day: 'crazy' by patsy cline
programming note-i did not really wear this. i was just trying some things out for kicks and giggles, playing dress-up, if you will. my actual outfit yesterday consisted of nike running shorts and an 'i heart ny' t-shirt. just wanted to clear the air.
i get really jealous of all you ladies who wear hats so well. there i said it, i get envious of your hat-wearing ways! this is one of matt's (that he bought from me, funny huh? but i sell vintage men's hats in my shop) so i borrowed it to find some way that i could wear it and not look like a total idiot. did i succeed? i used to be a big hat person, again back in the middle school days. i was big into menswear as womenswear (i was way ahead of my time). i did a lot of blazers and oxfords and hats. i was always a super preppy dresser. like so much that in high school, some kids even called me 'preppy', you know, just like zack morris. while i'm glad that i've grown out of my matchy-matchy prepster phase, i do wish i could still wear hats. i do mourn that loss. and even though i know i shouldn't follow trends, blind to the fact that i may or may not look like a crazy bag lady, there's nothing wrong with trying it out, taking pictures of yourself, and posting them on the internet. or is there?
today is another lazy day around the homestead. turns out the kiddo has strep so we'll be watching movies and coloring to pass the time. not a bad idea on a dark and stormy day, if i say so myself.
hat-vintage, bought from my shop and borrowed from matt
blouse-vintage, thrifted
skirt-vintage, thrifted


Archives said...

i love this! you can SO wear a hat well!

Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

I like your hat! I don't know how towear them personally. Sorry to hear about the stroep!

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? You're totally rocking that hat.
And even if it is just a dress-up outfit, it's lovely. That skirt drapes so beautifully!


Desiree said...

I love it! That long, black skirt is killer.

shealennon said...

You more than pulled off this hat--you look amazing! I love this whole look. I really want to find a black maxi skirt like that--it's so simple yet dramatic!

maggeygrace said...

This top is gorgeousss. So versatille! And I just saw what you said on the "archive" blog about modcloth and I SO appreciate everything you said. Someone needed to say it! Sigh. I couldn't agree more. I love your style over modcloth any day, as adorable as they are.

Danielle said...

I wish I could pull off hats too!