Sunday, May 15, 2011

what matilda wore

matilda's been dreaming of a vacay on the african plains lately. she keeps hinting that i need to give her some time off because she's been working too hard and making too many appearances on the blog. but you know, she really only stands around so i don't know what she's talking about.
and i'm so excited to show you my new dudes section in the shop!! i've finally given the men their own little space. and you know, it's definitely paid off. i'm hoping to add more to it in the next couple months. like maybe even selling cigars??? it's kinda matt's dream.
and i've been making new clothing tags too! been such a busy lady lately, my stars. i think i need the vacay. matilda can just chill out! but i fully admit to flat out STEALING this idea from merl. she made tags like this when we went to TxSCC in austin. it's just cut up cereal boxes that would go in the recycle bin anyway and leftover fabric! i LOVE them :)
and i updated the etsy shop last night. and most of what you see on matilda is available right now! woohoo!


Jennyboo said...

Loving everything that I see in these photographs. That African Print dress is just my absolute favorite. And your tags are the finishing touch! xx

Anonymous said...

you mean all that slave work INSPIRED YOU?! ;)

islabell said...

hey matilda...whats up? loving that safari chic look you got going on.

Mens section is awesome, my boyfriend loves vintage shopping and is always moaning about there not being boys sections.


p.s. sweet tags!

Robyn said...

She's pretty sassy for a lady without a head. They usually are though. Love the skirt in the 3rd look.

Gabrielle said...

Was literally JUST talking about your shop with Christina the other day. Your presentation and aesthetics are darn pristine! How cool how cool. I'm jealous, in the best way! Secretly, I've had this little dream floating around in the recesses of my head of one day renovating a vintage house and making a shop/cafe out of it. Is it even realistic? I don't even know, who knows. All the same, I love the eye candy you've got here. You're an inspiration!