Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the warming effect

i love how lush it looks behind me, like i live by a lagoon or something. there was a time when a dude told me i looked like brooke shields. true story. although i suspect him of lying. anyway, this one is more green than blue.
it has been deliciously hot and humid around here. it got up to 87 degrees in the house yesterday! we have this thing about seeing how long we can wait before turning on the a/c. we've gotten as high as 92 before. we'll see how it goes. we were in competition with some friends but they had to drop out because kari (who is 5 months pregnant) was getting braxton-hicks contractions and a we're in it for ourselves.
but i love the heat. please remind me of this in a month when i complain about being miserable!
shirt-it's actually a pj top from punjammies...shhhh, don't tell :)
shorts-la femme vintage, etsy
shoes-reanimated rags, etsy


Anonymous said...

you crazy hot weather loving woman! it was NINETY here yesterday...the air is already on. UGH.

KristiMcMurry said...

87 in your house?! I WOULD DIE!!! I love summer, but I can't handle it being hot in the house. I kicked mine on when it got up to 75 inside :) I wish I was more like you though, so I could save a little money! haha.

By the way, freakin LOVE those shorts. You find the best patterns.

Kristin said...

your very pretty there. its a bit cold here in ny and windy as always.

islabell said...

you are so lucky to have the heat lady. I grew up in a desert and from there moved to scotland and now san francisco, so i've been pining over predictable warm weather.

I love your shorts they have a crazy african print to them...reminds me of home.

ha! Maybe i'm just homesick


myedit said...

An AC competition... you are too much! Matt turned off the heat because spring might be here and I made him turn it back on yesterday because it was brrrrrr chilly at 64...

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

honestly, I can see a little how you look like brooke shields when she was younger!!! You have that same type of skin tone and hair color she has and your face does slightly resemble her!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* i miss you, darlin'. don't always get a chance to visit you on your blog, but i think about you often. what are you doing on july 24th? can i convince you to come out to california to attend my baby shower? ;) wishful thinking...i know.
take care, amanda. xoxo