Sunday, January 30, 2011

what matilda wore

matlida was thinking spring last week. with the warmer temps, she wanted to try some softer, paler colors and really play up the florals. she certainly enjoyed basking in the sun through the window during this respite from the cold.
because friday was so fine a day, matilda got all dressed up and ventured over to the gallery next to the shop to take in some art and refresh her mind and her creative spirit. who knows, she may be taking more day trips in the coming weeks so you can see what she wears out on the town.
the etsy store will be updated later today with a few of the pieces seen here :)


MariƱa " La Marquesa" said...

nice outfitts :D it remembers some of my grand ma clothes :D

Anonymous said...

I love the idea that Matilda visits other places!

Anonymous said...

Those are some great, vintage-inspired outfits.

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Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I so could see you in the last one especially. well all of them really.