Wednesday, January 19, 2011


so i thought, in honor of the blogiversary (which is what i've been calling it in my mind), i'd show you guys a few outfits that didn't quite make the cut. so here we go...
this is one of those outfits that totally worked better in my head. i had created it in my mind the night before, put it on in the morning, thought i looked fine, took the photos and realized 'oh honey, no.' i think the gray tights were my biggest mistake, but then the oj simpson black gloves didn't help any. so, rest assured i changed directly after having previewed these.
this outfit felt very disjointed to me. and this is one that i wore ALL DAY before figuring out that it was horrible. between the shoes, the lace, the fur, and the frump, i look positively geriatric.
this was the best photo out of the whole bunch i took of this failure. i have big calves (thanks dad!) and a long skirt with ankle strap flats is maybe the worst thing i can do for my body. i looked stumpy. and what the heck is going on with my hair????
ok, so this one is obvs pretty lame but more than that....what up with the face? did i think that making a faux pout was going to make me look cooler?
i don't hate this. it's just that in every single picture i took, you could totally see my bra.
the list is pretty long with this one. the concept is great, at least i think so. but the pinned back bangs was a bad idea, the light was soooo harsh, the photo is super grainy, and my face is always scrunched up because of the midday sun.
again, this isn't so bad. but the trailor? i don't know. goofy? yes.
so there you have just a smattering of the many outfit blunders i've made in the last few months. i'm sure there'll be many more to come :)


Anonymous said...

I really don't understand why these didn't make it. I'm rather fond of all of them x

Rosie said...

I think you look cute in all of them especially the long skirt one! you can totally rock that length girl! happy blogiversary to you!

Kirstin@CrimsonRosella said...

I love all of these outfits, especially the one you call "geriatric". I guess I have a great love for old lady chic though. Happy Blogiversary! Very exciting indeed!

Melanie said...

You are too hard on yourself. Most of these are great, but I find that the camera is a better judge than a mirror sometimes too...of course this hasn't stopped me of posting some really horrible outfits, but I'm still learning!

Between Laundry Days said...

Along with everyone else, I love all of these! I'm glad you shared some of them with us, as your castoff outfits put many of my posted outfits to SHAME.

amanda said...

you guys are WAY too sweet!!!!!! and i love it! but you know what i mean right? we are our own worst critic. it's just something about all of these seemed to highlight something i don't like about myself. but your kind words mean more to me than you know :)

Amethyst said...

fur is good in everytime, in my mind <3 <3 <3
wonderful blog

glitteringwolf <3

archives said...

duuude. you are freaking cray-cray. there is nothing wrong with any of these! i like the best: plaid skirt and flats (big calves?! im going to have to wear sweatpants around you if you think your calves are big, mine are HUGE!). and i really like the blue dress with blue otks and brown boots!

like you said - you are your own worst critic. i take a million pictures, scrutinize them all and post 3 or 4. we're too hard on ourselves!

Anonymous said...

These are NOT as blunderous as you're thinking they are. First, the big calves thing...? I have admired your long slender legs from the first time I noticed you on Chictopia!

Anonymous said...

Ummm...,no maam! You look positively adorable and dare I say sassy in all of the above photos! Yes, we are our own worst critic, so I totally get it...but, you are so creative and have such a unique personal style!

Anonymous said...

Ummm...,no maam! You look positively adorable and dare I say sassy in all of the above photos! Yes, we are our own worst critic, so I totally get it...but, you are so creative and have such a unique personal style!

Snappy-Q said...

happy Blogiversary! And way to post pics that you don't like, even though all the rest of us think you look great. Oh, and you definitely do not have big calves!

myedit said...

1stly- those fur collared cardis are smashing!!!
2ndly-the simple look for the grey dress with boots looks, well, quite sexy!
3rdly-Happy blog b-day!

Caroline said...

But i like these very much :D the second one is my favourite! The last one is sweet too!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

woah. all of these are so cool. why didn't they make the cut?!?!??!

Nicole said...

Happy blog birthday! Want to hear something funny? My husband just glanced over at this post and literally took the laptop out of my hands. He scrutinized your pics and goes "hey, you look like her! I think it's the hair." lol! I guess short, brown, wavy hair with bangs makes us twins ;)