Tuesday, January 25, 2011

just thinking of the right words to say

song of the day: 'the promise' by when in rome
i found this cape at goodwill last friday. i love it! and it came into my life at just the right time. i'm seemingly battling some nasty cold/hideous sore throat and the cape acts like a stylish snuggie. and with this sickness has come brain cloudiness. i can't seem to think in coherent sentences right now. i've just been drinking loads of tea and gone through half a bag of cough drops. ugh. ready for winter to be over!!!!!!!!
loafers-cole haan thrifted


Between Laundry Days said...

Aw, I hope you're feeling better, Amanda! Take care of yourself!

And a stylish snuggie? Sign me up!

Sandy said...

That cape is amazing! And I've had The Promise stuck in my head for the last three days... weird!

CAITLIN said...

LOVE THIS--so cute :) the cape is fantastic, and i love how you paired it with the cuffed denim shorts and tights.

hope you feel better soon!

surfvintage said...

Amazing cape so so cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the cape and your loafers. Hope you feel better soon! x

The Daily Fashionista said...

You look breath taking!! That is a great vintage find. I love finding vintage plaid pieces while thrifting. Feel better soon!!

archives said...

my eyes literally doubled in size when i opened this post. that cape is AWESOME!

hope you feel better soon! xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic cape! Go you for finding it at a thrift store!

Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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calivintage said...

aw, feel better soon! though i will commend you for having the best 'sick day' outfit ever! the cape is too perfect!

The Ettatorials said...

That cape is the ultimate find! Feel better!

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

Ah, I love the cape! I've been scouring the thrift stores for a good cape, but no luck and I think it's too late in the season now. Oh well, I'll just have to live vicariously through you :]


Anonymous said...

Wow can't really believed you got that cape from goodwill! it's adorable, and so IN right now, although I expect them to stick around for a long time, cause I'm crazy about them, they are perfect snuggies! ... Love the mix of patterned tights and the cape! looks cute!


myedit said...

Good cape find!
And your comment about me wearing boots inside and heels outside and that being me... kinda warmed my heart. Because that is me and I love that you can see that...xo

Brittney said...

you pull off that plaid cape beautifully.

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i love everything about this - the cape, the tights, those shorts. so pretty!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

Prettiest cape ever. I'm amazed.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

That cape--and everything else--is so so so fantastic!

Kimberellie said...

when I see pieces as awesome as this cape on other people's blogs I'm always like: FRICK! Why didn't I get there (ie. the goodwill in this case) first! Which is stupid. Because I live far far away. But that is still how I feel.

awesome cape. awesome outfit. I keep forgetting I can wear shorts with tights. And I even have ones with an elastic waist band (not maternity, though...you'd be surprised at the amount of clothing about with elastic waistbands that ISN'T maternity wear).