Monday, January 31, 2011

i worked hard and sacrificed

song of the day: 'independent woman' by destiny's child
i hope you all had a great weekend! we went to visit my parents and finally have christmas with them. that was super fun. isaiah got some really cool games and movies. my dad picked out a gorgeous sweater for me and matt and i both got money to spend. we are pretty pumped about that. it actually works out great to have christmas a month later. spreads out the cheer ya know?
so on friday, i kinda took some outfit pics in my shop. a lot of you had been asking about what it looks like and even though i've done a post on it before, it changes all the time so i thought it time for an update.
my shop is a lot like my house. it's not perfect or super girly and sweet. it's more eclectic and quirky and most definitely doesn't take itself too seriously. and i love it :)
this is where matilda spends most of her days when she's not out on the town. i have some great windows (which are a little dirty right now because my window washer is lazy) and they bring in a ton of natural light and give me plenty of display space.
dress-vintage, little ocean annie on etsy
sweater-bought new at banana republic like 10 years ago, you can see the holes in it, but i can't get rid of it.
loafers-cole haan, thrifted


rainbows & fairydust said...

I LOVE ur shop! gorgeous!!

Love those shoes uv got on too! xx

Between Laundry Days said...

I love that you took your outfit pictures in the shop! It looks so cozy and homey. I totally want to spend the afternoon there. Your outfit is fantastic, too.

Oh, and I SO want another Christmas!!

cla-sib said...

cute dress.. :)

xx claudia

the other emily said...

I always love hearing about/seeing more of your shop, it seems like such a dream job to me (although I'm sure there's a lot more work to it than I realize!). It looks like you've got some great furniture in there as well as gorgeous clothes - I spy one, maybe two Eames chairs!
the other emily

Nicole said...

Your shop is so cute! I could definitely do some damage on my wallet there ;)


The Daily Fashionista said...

If I ever get a chance to do a roadtrip I want to visit your shop!! It's so cute inside:) and that dress is super adorable.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

aww that dress looks great on you!! I love how you dress and put things together. You're someone who stands on her own!

archives said...

yay for late xmas!!!!

i LOVE seeing the inside of your shop! cant wait to see it IN PERSON! SO SOON!!!!!!!! :D

chicfaced said...

Got a long winded multi-post comment for you!

yay! more shop photos! you've got such super tall ceilings. Speaking of window washers - mine is incredibly hot. Like, intimidating, Tom Cruise grin, muscle-y, tan with perfectly messy hair. If there are girls in the shop when he comes in, they always end up giggling and whispering to each other. :)

Also....those plaid capes few posts down are TDF. And I love that outfit Matilda is wearing with the dress and shirt over it is awesome.

p.s. Matchbox 20 used to be my favorite band. I would lay on my room floor with the CD liner and read the lyrics while I listened to the songs over and over again.

Anonymous said...

the shop looks like a delightful space and I love the small town view out of your display window. I keep imagining that one day I will actually visit your shop when we go to visit my brother in Bentonville.


Love everything about this beautiful outfit, and how amazing is it that you have a vintage shop. That's just fab! Great to find your blog, lot's of lovely outfits; off to follow on bloglovin. xx veronika

tastymoog said...

your shop looks awesome, and very inspiring. i would love to open up a vintage shop someday...

Isabella Kiss said...

nice outfit. the print on the dress is really fun.

Matchless Vision said...

I really enjoy seeing your shop! You've really done well for yourself. Do you work it on your own? Its a cute quirky place... I am glad you shared it! The song choice is perfect as well.