Saturday, January 22, 2011

thanks for the memories

what i wore on january 22, 2010.....
one year ago today i nervously made my inaugural off of broadway blog post. it was with sweaty palms that i first hit the 'publish post' button and i never would have thought that a mere 365 days later i'd be where i am right now with so many new friends. it's been a super fun journey, but it's all thanks to you guys! it's not sappy, it's true. what the heck would i be doing if i didn't have all of you reading each day? wearing sweats and being the creepy girl who stalks your blogs and never leaves comments because she's too shy and drinks too much, that's where i'd be!!!! but i digresssssssssss. thanks for the memories! now let's make more, shall we?
and the winner of the sofa purse is nicole of employed panache!!! thanks so much to all of you for entering and reading and wearing clothes and blogging and being awesome :)


RETRO REVA said...

Congratulations !!!!
Does it seem to have taken a huge part of your time to create such a terrific blog?
Or has it been easy-breezy?
I always wonder that when a blogger hits a year.
For me, my blog has at times, consumed my entire day, and other times I wanted to just stop and breathe.
Just wondering :)

MariƱa " La Marquesa" said...

happy blog birthay!!!!! you add to much style to our days :D:D:D be proud of your blog jeje

archives said...

hooray!!!!! :) happy blogiversary!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

that's so wonderful. I wish I read your blog when you started it :(

Nicole said...

OMG!!! Just catching up on my blogs and saw this post!!!!!!!! I'm a bit excited over here, haha!

Thanks so much Amanda! Can't wait to get this pretty baby in the mail :)


Morgan and Lua said...

CONGRATSSS AMANDA!!! A whole year!!! That's so crazy to think about all the people you've met in that year that have become such a part of your everyday life and you had no idea they even existed!