Thursday, January 13, 2011

oh i'm feeling cold

song of the day: 'cover me' by percy sledge
i think i'm all januaried out. i mean, it was fun the first couple days, you know when it was new and fresh and promising. but then it just got to be annoying with it's cold and dreariness. the shop is suuuuuuper slow right now, and since i still have to be here whether people come in or not, that can be pretty boring. and matt's car hasn't started the last two mornings, so he's had to take mine into work leaving me with NO car. *sad face* i mean, surely february's gonna be better than this! at least it'll be one month closer to summer. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
jeans-bdg, urban outfitters
shirt-american apparel, thrifted
tie-a belt from a dress i no longer own, not sure why i didn't give it away with the dress
loafers-cole haan, thrifted


Anonymous said...

I would totally pity you if I was sitting somewhere is Southern California right now, but sadly I'm buried under 5 million feet of snow in Maine, so your grass looks so divine right now. Jealous!

Cute colors, love the loafers :)


Sick by Trend said...

Love your coat!! is so beautiful!! :) cool pictures and outfit! im a new follower!!

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me :)



Cassandra said...

I'm jealous of your January! Flagstaff is COVERED in snow, haha.

I love your outfit! Your coat and tie are adorable. This whole outfit is very feminine yet menswear-y at the same time (if that makes any sense as well).

Elekon said...

I LOVE this look! great as a casual yet so chic!

The Daily Fashionista said...

I truly feel you on the weather. So over the cold, gross winter. But summer is kind of gross too so I'll settle for springtime anytime:)

And what a cute outfit!! I like how you layered everything together.

Melanie said...

It's like the anticipation of Christmas fools us into thinking that winter is wonderful and romantic, just like in the movies. But once the holidays are over it's nothing but frozen noses, shoes ruined in the slush, and scraping the ice off of the windshield. Well, at least around here.
Though I still enjoy the excuse to wear knit hats and not worry about washing my hair!

Anonymous said...

such a cute outfit!

shealennon said...

I am SO januaried out too! You're making the most of it though with great outfits! I love your layering here, especially with the tie at your neck.

Sophi said...

The collar on that blouse is so perfect! I'm sorry you haven't been getting many people through your shop, that's gotta be a big bummer :( Hopefully, February will bring lots of exciting times your way!

surfvintage said...

I love the shirt and tie!!!!!! so cute colors matching!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

Poor car issues. I hope the rest of January goes quickly for you. I think the little bow tie you're wearing is so cute.

archives said...

i love the color of your jacket! i wish i could wear something that light! trust me - its summer where you are compared to chicago ;)

Poison Oak said...

This is the CUTEST outfit. LOVE the necktie.

Between Laundry Days said...

Oh, I adore this! This outfit is totally right up my alley, stylistically. I love the preppy vibe, and the colors, and the loafers, of course. :)

Oh, and seeing as I'm stranded in Wisconsin today because of a snowstorm, I can't exactly pity your January weather tooo much. ;)