Wednesday, August 25, 2010

won't be long til summer time is through

song of the day: 'all summer long' by the beach boys
this morning was almost cold. so many of my friends on facebook were saying how wonderful it felt and how excited they were for the cooler temps. i'm a bit sad. while there is something kind of exciting about the change of seasons, i guess i'm not quite ready to say goodbye to summer. true, i won't be sweating through my clothes any time i drive somewhere (oh my, i sweat through jean shorts the other day, jeans! denim is no match for my intense butt sweat), yet i can't help but hang onto these last long warm days.
the brooch i'm wearing is from matt's grandmother. she passed away last winter after battling breast cancer. but before she died, she set a few brooches aside to give to me. it meant so much to me that she thought of how much i love vintage things and knew that i'd appreciate them. so today i wear this one proudly in honor of her.
and just so you know, the big birthday yesterday was super fun. it looked as though a jedi threw up in our living room. there were so many star wars action figures and legos and posters laying around (we're totally obsessed these days). we even had a star wars party at the pool over the weekend. because i'm the best mom on the planet, i totally didn't take any pictures, but i'm sure these memories will stay with us for a lifetime.
romper-vintage, etsy


Little Ocean Annie said...

What a beautiful brooch! And such a special one, too! I love the blazer you're wearing.

I'd love to discuss the Wal-Mart thing with you! I'll work up an email soon. :)

KristiMcMurry said...

I love that outfit! Especially the brooch because it's special :)

M said...

I love your outfit!

Rach is Ordinarily Urbane said...

What a beautiful brooch, and so special too! Love the look for a chilly day, too.

Eunice said...

that blazer is freakin awesome! made for you!

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Rosie said...

That brooch is fabulous, how nice of Matt's grandma to do that for you!

Archives said...

my boyfriends mom just passed down some vintage dresses to me that were her aunts. in fact, im wearing one right now! :) i love wearing clothes treasured by a family member. while i love all my vintage clothes, these have a bit more meaning, making them that much more special!

Kimberellie said...

At first I was like: Wow, as a mom, she is crazy cool for being able to wear a dress that short! I'd be showing of my BEE hind all the time! Then I saw it's a romper. Still, you look haute. I totally ADORE this outfit.

ps. sounds like a great party Ms. Bestmomever!

Danielle said...

Cool broach!