Sunday, August 22, 2010

well versed in etiquette

song of the day: 'killer queen' by queen
see? i told you i was going to try and take pictures from other places around my house. this is another alley just a block up from my building. i like this one because it's lined with pretty flowers.
i bought this dress from barefoot & vintage and i couldn't wait to wear it!!! i love it so very much. the color is just perfect and i love the sleeves and pleated skirt. paige has such a great eye for vintage. i saw this on her blog before she listed it but i was smitten with another dress at the time. when she posted it on her etsy and i got to really look at it, i knew this was the one for me. i think i bought it within like 10 minutes of listing! a very good decision, i'd say.

the concrete was literally burning my arms in this picture. it was so freakin' hot! you may not be able to tell but i was barely putting my arm on the step because i was so afraid to actually get burn marks on my flesh. yeah, it was really that bad.
shoes-cynthia vincent for target


Tayler said...

whoa your dress is crazy similar to one i have thats vintage.

very cute!

Clare said...

I love the pleating on the dress, and it matches so perfectly with your Cynthia Vincent wedges!!

Hen said...

Hi you have a nice blog :)
I like your dress and the pictures, especially the third one with the flowers - it's so cute!


Archives said...

LOVE this dress! i bought something from paige last week and im dying to get it!!! :)

janepaludanus said...

i love the dress ♥ and the shoes you're wearing are very cute, miss!

shealennon said...

First of all, love the song today. Queen rocks my socks off. Second of all, I have major dress envy. I love the color, the style, everything. Gorgeous, girl!

Two For Tea said...

Helloooo Amanda!

Jessica and I (Cambria) wanted to award you with a 10 Sweetest award for your blog...we've just loved seeing your incredible style every day :) Feel free to post the award image on your blog when you accept! Here 'tis:

<3 TwoforTea

KristiMcMurry said...

I love the dress! Good choice :)

rainbows & fairydust said...

dress looks fab, LOVE the ring too! oh and the grey door - great colour for a door!


ps your shoes made it through the day then!?!

M said...

I love your dresss!!!

libys11 said...

beautiful!!! that dress has such a rich color!! :D

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Kimberellie said...

Well, you look fabulous in that last pic, so it was worth it! Great colour on you!

Anonymous said...

it looks great on you!!!

i'm so glad you picked this one. :)

i hope you don't mind, but i'm planning to do a "how she wore it" post! (let me know if that's not cool.)

and i love how you're mixing up the locations of your photos!

you're such a hot little mama, my dear. ;)

Venn said...

lovelyyy vintagee dress with perfect color n pattern!! :DD