Monday, July 4, 2011

peanuts and cracker jacks

naturals baseball
what's more american than baseball? apple pie maybe, but we went the sports route and cheered on our arkansas naturals last night. it was stiflingly hot and our team lost 14-3 but we made loads of memories and had tons of laughs. after about 4 hours of game play, the local philharmonic put on a mini (read very long) concert full of patriotic tunes and then they set off some pretty glorious fireworks. we didn't leave the ball park until 10:30 and my poor kiddo was wiped out. we had to carry him to his bed and he went peacefully (and sweaty and sticky) to sleep. such a fun night.
living the high life
matt got the big boy for the game. in ball park terms this beer is quite a bargain.
sweet head
isaiah was really into the game for the first couple hours.
just the two of us
crazy self portrait after sweating and getting rained on.
mike and kari
mike and kari.
happy fourth of july!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Daily Fashionista said...

What a fun time! I am still trying to get myself to a baseball game. Everytime it gets rained out:( Boo.

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Great pictures :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

aww. I need to go to a baseball game one day. Sadly my team doesn't seem to ever play over here and the bity is far too busy to go to. I don't even know about minor leagues at all (although I know someone who plays on one that I went to school with), but yeah. . I'm out of it. haha.
I'm so glad you all had a lot of fun and that is a pity it was so hot and that Isaiah got a little bored after the first couple hours.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the self portrait, you guys are so damn cute!!!
and that last picture looks great! was it taken on an iphone? that's impressive.

Maria said...

I love your blog. I discovered it through Jentine's blog a couple of months ago and I've started reading it regularly. I like your style (especially that Moscow Olympics tote!) and you seem to have a great family. Kudos for contributing to saving the planet and reducing injustice with your lifestyle choices! The world needs more people like you. Just wanted to say hi... happy forth of July and thanks for the Canada Day greetings. Much appreciated.