Friday, July 1, 2011

july 1st

i am in utter amazement that it's already july. seriously. i feel like there was two feet of snow on the ground just yesterday! ok, not really because it was pretty hot yesterday and i recall sweating a lot. but you know what i mean! this year is flying by.
i was really happy with this outfit when i left the house. i found these awesome granny shorts and the bag while on a thrifting trip the other day. unrolled, the shorts come down to my knees and are quite reminiscent of culottes. which i love, as you all may very well know, but these def needed to be shortened. i kind of adore them like this. and i'd been looking for a market bag for quite some time and although this one isn't authentic and whatnot, it was only like a dollar so no complaints here. and the shoes are from an estate that i bought loads of clothes from. one of these days i'll get all the stuff ready for the shop, until then it's just hanging out in my guest room closet. anyhow, the wedges are so super cute but by the end of the day all i could think about were my aching feet :( my tootsies were just not made for such things. but a great outfit they did make, and my legs do look awfully long........maybe they're not so bad after all??
anyway, i wanna say a happy canada day to all my sisters to the north. have a great time celebrating your beautiful country! and say hey to will and kate for me, eh?
shirt-old navy, thrift
shorts-vintage, thrift
shoes-from my shop


Tayler said...

love this look! i have two similar items to the shorts and denim top, never really thought of putting them together! thanks for the inspiration!!

Katie Dodd said...

yeah. this is one of those outfits that i think can and will remain classic for forever. and your legs - yeah..theyre long. and tan! tan legs are the best. rowr!


you look so beautiful in this simple and chic ensemble!

Anonymous said...

your legs look incredible! lovely outfit, amanda - simple and perfect for a hot summer day.
i can't believe it's july already, either! crazy.
have a lovely 4th, my dear. :)

Emma said...

You look amazing! You are so lovely and tan, and I adore the laid back nature of this outfit.


islabell said...

uh....those granny shorts are amazing. I've been non stop wearing granny pants lately and have been thinkingabout cutting and sewing a pair shorter as its finally starting to warm up here in SF. Totally guna go it. Paired with that denim shirt, what an awesome contrast.

Julia Topaz, La Belle Oiselle said...


the other emily said...

You are just the queen of these perfect, simple summer looks! I love the chambray shirt with those awesome shorts, and the bag is a perfect touch.

(I'm with you on the heels, by the way - I love the way they look, but my feet are always dying after ten minutes! I don't know how other people do it every day!)

Anonymous said...

the colors in this outfit are quite spite of the aching feet.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

before we know it, it will be July of next year already!!! It really does go soooo fast. I think having kids makes it even faster, don't you?

M & Em said...

This is absolute perfection. The shorts look amazing rolled up like that. And the denim shirt is the most terrific thing to pair them with. It looks like something you can just throw on every day, but still look so put together.


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

I can't believe it's july either!

Great classic look, love it!