Monday, July 25, 2011


do you remember this outfit? since seeing it, i pretty much made it my mission to find a similar skirt. i trolled the internets and found the EXACT SAME ONE on etsy!!!! i had to do some fancy cutting and sewing (and seam ripping when i messed up and then more sewing), but i was able to shorten it and make it a bit more fitted to look like my inspiration. i am super happy about how it turned out.
and i had such a great weekend. i'm a little bummed out to be sitting here on monday morning with five whole days between me and next weekend, but that's life i guess. happy monday, everyone!
tank-american apparel
skirt-vintage, etsy
shoes-from my shop


Eleanor said...

That skirt is beyond swoonworthy!
Love the easy vibe of this look!

Mila said...

Oh beautiful skirt!

Anonymous said...

That skirt is really great! Nice work!

Sandy said...

i love that you worked so hard to get this skirt into your wardrobe. it looks gorgeous!

lauren said...

love it! i am such a sucker for lace stuff. nice work altering it and making it what you wanted!

stylista said...

Love the skirt! Check out my blog at

Anonymous said...

zomgosh....THE same skirt?! thats like lightening striking twice! sooo pretty!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

very pretty skirt!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful skirt. Did you take up the lining?

Jo said...

The shade of purple looks amazing on you! <3 I love your moustache tote bag too!

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