Saturday, July 23, 2011

farmer's market

saturdays when i don't have to be at my shop, matt doesn't have to work, and we have no plans are pretty special. this morning, we left for the fayetteville farmer's market to pick up some tasty goodies. the little market that's here in town is nice and all, but every once in a while it's fun to go to the bigger one. oh man, did we get some yummy things! cucumbers, peppers, spinach, and the most delectable tomatoes i've ever had IN MY LIFE.
and as luck would have it, we parked right by a vintage shop called cheap thrills where i bought a cute little dress.
we finished off the outing with a trip to the natural foods store for steak and gluten free pizza crust (sooooooo excited about this) and a quick stop for some wine. then proceeded to have the best lunch of all time once we got home. i sure do love saturdays in the summer :)
my boys are so sweet.


Kara @ Unusual Form said...

We were there this morning around 8:00. It was bustling. Bought okra, potatoes, and green beans. Can't wait to have them for dinner.

PS For a gluten free pizza crust mix, I really like Namaste. I'm not sure if it contains nuts though.


this is what saturdays are all about. looks like a great day!

Gracie-Lou said...

I love Cheap Thrills, I always find the greatest stuff there! (1970's embroidered denim vest? Don't mind if I do!) So glad to find another fashion blogger in NWA!