Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a heart for women

most of you have heard me talk about my heart for the women who are caught in sexual slavery. well victoria of justice pirate shares my same compassion. she has decided not to spend money on clothing in order to focus her attentions on her sons education and to spread awareness about forced prostitution and how so many others go without both stuff and hope. she then asked her readers who are etsy sellers if we'd be interested in allowing her to borrow an item from their shop and she'd wear it on her blog. well, i jumped at the chance to do this. i think victoria looks gorgeous in my skirt! she has such a beautiful vintage aesthetic that matches her beautiful heart. she talks much more about her decision on her blog and i would definitely encourage you to go and read up on it.
so, if you are interested, this skirt is available in my shop, and the money from the sale will be donated straight to the international princess project (IPP). IPP is an organization that is very near and dear to me. they work in india to release women from slavery and restore their dignity and independence by teaching them to sew. i sell their punjammies in my shop and last month was able to raise $280 for the women! that makes me pretty excited.


D E E R said...

Amanda this is so wonderful. I'm in the middle of a move but I would love to donate a garment to the cause. E-mail me an address to ship it to and I will get it out in a jiffy. xo

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

wow. what a really kind post that you have made. Thanks for explaining what I've decided to do to your bloggers!! Thanks so so so much once again for the skirt!!! It was so much fun to wear! I hope someone will buy the skirt soon so that the money can be used by IPP!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is what I'm talking about: fashion w a purpose (besides looking pretty, of course). I'm always impressed when people manage to align their moral/ethical agendas with their sartorial ones. Great project by The Justice Pirate, and so fantastic that you're able to do the same in your shop. You're all that AND a conscience, woman! :)

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

What a clever girl :)
I really like her blog! And she does look gorgeous in your skirt!

Sandy said...

This is simply inspiring. You two woman are doing so much. I need to do more, and I think I'm going to start small by buying less.

Keep posting amazing inspiring things like this, you have such a gift!

tiny dancer said...

Adoring this! Very Alice in Wonderland <3