Wednesday, July 13, 2011

soak it up

i am just thoroughly enjoying my summer. and i'm not gonna lie, i love this heat wave. i want to soak up as much sun and warmth as i can right now because i know in a few months, i'll be freezing!!! yep, i LOVE the heat!
and tonight, we're going out to dinner. yesssssssssssssssss.
hope you guys have a fantastic day :)
shoes-kork ease, ebay


KristiMcMurry said...

oooo great outfit! I love the heat too, as long as it stays below 95. This week it's been about 98 during the day, and combined with the humidity it's pretty miserable :( But I'd take this over winter ANY DAY!!!

the other emily said...

I have been loving the warmer weather lately too - although I suspect it is a LOT hotter in Arkansas than it is in Germany right now. :)

This is a perfect hot weather outfit too, lightweight and breezy with a punch of color from the shorts - and I'm still not over how incredible your haircut looks!

Anonymous said...

flipping adorbs. i bet your new cut is making hair maintenance super easy on these hot days! :)

islabell said...

THESE COLORS! they are making me so happy. You can't beat blue and yellow. You look so happy actually, i miss the heat (growing up in the desert.) I've been away from in the internet for a while so i'm looking forward to reading more of your lovely blog.

Monique said...

I just love this outfit. The color of your shorts and those thin yellow lines of your summery and fun. Hope you had a great dinner.