Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a new coat and LEATHER pants

what? am i wearing leather pants, you ask?  why yes i am.  thanks for noticing :)
while we were out looking for family christmas presents over the weekend, my eye spotted these babies.  i tore the hanger off the rack as soon as i possibly could, looking around for any lurkers that might try and steal them away.  they could not be anyone else's but MINE.  and well, here i am walking around town in them.  SCORE.  
and may i point your attention to my new coat?!?  i've been wearing the same old jacket for the last 2 seasons.  i was determined to find a new coat this year and one that was actually WARM.  i truly couldn't be any happier with this one from jcpenney.  and it has a popped collar!!!  and it's purple!!!!  i'm a bit giddy.
coat-worthington, c/o jcpenney
pants-LEATHER, gap, thrift
bag-archives vintage

1 comment:

Joel Salmon said...

The coat and the leather pants go well together! It says a lot about how stylish you are. Ever thought of becoming a model? You have this androgynous look that is really ‘in’ nowadays.

Joel Salmon