Tuesday, October 11, 2011

running in the rain

running shoes
this morning as i headed out on my five mile run it was cloudy but i didn't think anything of it.  about a mile in, it started sprinkling on me which quickly turned into a full blown rain shower.  but it was the pretty kind, where you see the sunshine in the distance and all the colors are more vibrant and crisp.  i went down a path that parallels the creek and is canopied in trees and as i clipped along, rain and leaves fell all around.  i stopped because i saw a turtle crossing and bent to peek closer at him then looked behind me up the path and almost cried from the beauty that surrounded me.
people ask me all the time how i stay motivated to run everyday and how i can run so far or even run at all.  it's moments like the one i had this morning that keep me running.  i don't consider it a workout.  i run because it relaxes me, recharges me, grounds me.  it's my quiet time, when i can meditate and pray.  i don't listen to music anymore because i found that it was a distraction.  i need this time for quiet conversation.  i never time myself because that deprives me of the joy of being out there.  i can't imagine going to a gym anymore and having people tell when to breathe, or what to do, or blasting me with techno.  communing in nature is where it's at.  
two months from today i'll run in my third half marathon and i'm excited to begin my training.  i really enjoy my long runs.  i love the feeling of tired legs and a fresh outlook.  it's the best!
so, that's why i run.  it's so much more than exercise.  it kinda feeds my soul :)

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