Wednesday, October 19, 2011

boots and butterflies

don't let the bare legs and sleeveless dress fool you.  i was FREEZING.  it was in the upper 50s and windy yesterday evening on our way home from my shop when these photos were taken.  and even though i knew i'd be inappropriately dressed for the cooler temps, i had this outfit in mind to wear and really nothing else would do.  i sucked it up and shivered my way through the day.  totally worth it. 
i bought this dress about a week or so ago from steffy's shop, tea & tulips.  i love this two tone shift dress and will most likely be wearing the junk out of it.  and then the boots.  oh my the boots.  i'd been looking for some low heeled ankle boots in a light tan, preferably suede.  i started my search in the thrift stores, but couldn't find the right thing.  i was very specific in my requirements.  too tall and it gets into the no-man's-land of my legs and too high a heel and then i couldn't walk.  i was a bit reluctant to spend a lot on them, but found these h by hudson boots on ebay for a FLIPPIN STEAL.  so i did it.  best. decision. ever. 
oh, and yes you do see a football in my bag.  we have to bring it wherever we go.  there's always an opportunity to play a little catch :)
sweater-vintage, thrift store in florida
dress-tea & tulips
boots-h by hudson, via ebay

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