Wednesday, October 12, 2011

mixed prints

i'm trying to incorporate more prints and color into my wardrobe.  i'm pretty much a solid neutrals kinda girl and am really wanting to break out of that.  maybe it's the new hair?  i've been gravitating towards blouses and more feminine pieces.  it's fun.  i find it interesting that one simple change can impact your whole look.  a lady even said that i should be a model.  i'm certain these were just well intentioned lies but i felt flattered anyway :)
and really guys, thanks for reading my running post yesterday.  i hope that it inspired you to find what it is that feeds your soul.  we all need our moments of quiet and meditation and when you can pair it with something that also is good for your body, well how much better is that?!
and i realize my photos are kinda blurry.  7 year old photogs don't always have the steadiest of hands.  although they are super helpful and awfully cute.
blouse-vintage, thrift
jeans, sunglasses-thrift
shoes-vintage, via etsy
bag-vintage dooney and bourke, gift from matt

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