Thursday, September 22, 2011


it's a pretty dreary day up in here.  rainy and cold.  both of which make me a bit stabby.  but, i do have bright red pants and a granny floral liz claiborne bag.  so really and truly, i have nothing to complain about.  have a fabulous last day of summer :)
cardigan-gap, stolen from matt
tee-american apparel
jeans-some crazy teeny-bopper brand, thrift
loafers-cole haan, thrift
bag-liz claiborne, thrift


erin said...

great jeans! I have been dying to find a pair of red pants for the fall/winter. A pair of red shorts were my favorite for summer and I want to be able to recreate it now that its cooler.

I really like the red/gray/navy combo!

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