Tuesday, September 13, 2011

game night

most of you know that my love for the new england patriots runs deep.  like, if i were a local and had season tickets, i'd be one of the crazies in the stands with my face painted, holding up a sign expressing my fanaticism.  last night was their first regular season football game and on a monday night no less!  and i'm just lame enough to have coordinated my outfit around the pats colors.  of course i only wore this during the day.  as soon as the game came on i slipped into my brady jersey.  gotta represent the #12!!!
i was so amped for this game.  you guys have NO IDEA.  i had butterflies in my stomach and i couldn't even sit still for about 2 hours before kickoff.  i may or may not have a problem.  and matt got home after the game started.  he said he could hear me and isaiah yelling and cheering all the way from across the street!  well, we got a touchdown, what did he expect??!?!?!
i bought some pins for isaiah to put on his backpack but kept a few behind for myself :)
getting ready for school, showing his team spirit.
we have mini helmets for all 32 teams and put the matchups in front of the tv during the games.  then the loser gets turned over.  this one was fun :)
sweater-old navy, thrift
shoes-lisazain, etsy

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