Wednesday, September 21, 2011


cozy sweaters and shorts and granny florals and bracelets.  i'd wear this sweater everyday if it wouldn't start to smell.  i am kind of in love with it's delicious warmth.  and as much as i don't like wearing florals, in accessories, i'm loooooving it.
Picture 2
sylvia plath's 'the bell jar.'  i am so surprised that i have gone through life thus far without reading this book.  especially as an english major.  and so far, i totally love it.  i'm only about halfway through, but i am really enjoying plath's writing style and the voice of her main character esther greenwood.  as much as i hate to admit this, esther's thought processes largely mimic my own.  hopefully i won't go crazy.....
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listening to
adele 19.  i bought 21 soon after it was released but only just a few days ago downloaded her first album. oh that lady can do no wrong.  she has the most soulful and soothing voice.  and i'm proud to say that my son can also sing along to her music.
Picture 8
the rachel zoe project.  i know, she's pretty much a trainwreck but i love her anyway.  it's just such guilty pleasure television.
Picture 5
getting ready for
the titus task 5k.  it's still a couple weeks away but last year i got second place and i've kinda got my eye on the prize this year.  plus, it's an amazing charity founded by a local family to support the cause for orphans around the world.  the money raised is given as a grant to help families cover the cost of international adoption.  it's pretty cool.
so, any of you have some things you're currently doing or looking forward to??

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