Thursday, September 1, 2011

dancing in september

whoa.  it's september already!  this should come as no surprise to me since yesterday was the last day of august, but astonished i still am.  i kinda have a love/hate for this month.  i love it because september begins football season and is when i celebrate the day of my birth.  but it is also the official end of summer.  nights get longer, the air is colder, blah blah blah.  oh september, what am i to do with you?
in other news, i can't find my camera remote.  blogger has a new interface.  i got a new pair of kork ease sandals via the ever lovely lisa.  and it's thursday.  just letting you know :)
jeans-some manner of teeny-bopper brand i thrifted. they literally have NO rise.
shoes-kork ease, purchased from lisa (lisazain on etsy)
bag-crazy duffle bag that i thought was cute

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