Friday, November 18, 2011


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one really fun thing about partnering with chictopia and jcpenney this holiday season is that i am able to give out trendsetter badges to people who rock some jcp goodness.  each badge is worth 1500 points which goes a long way when you want to trade it in for a great new dress, blouse, or accessory in chic rewards.  and my first trendsetter badge went to corinney!  i loved this classic tomboy look.  and the addition of the yellow clutch just kinda put it over the top for me.  she's just adorable, no?
sooooo, i will be giving out a badge to one super stylish person each week.  are any of you on chictopia?  let me know if you post something!  i'd love to give one out to a reader :)
----fyi, i will probs do a post about this each week.  it's not something i'm 'required' to do.  i just want to give a shout out to the people i reward :)

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