Friday, November 4, 2011

she's a maniac on the floor

ah, legwarmers.  worn by dancers, became mainstream fashion in the 80s, fell from grace in the 90s, experiencing a resurgence today.  i've been looking at buying some on etsy but just hadn't found the right pair.  then a friend of mine suggested i make my own from a thrifted sweater.  well, i have already deemed this the year of the sweater so it was just kind of perfect.

so first, you have to find a totally rad sweater.  maybe you have one already?  that would be even radder.  i on the other hand headed out to my favorite thrift and searched for a pattern i liked.  i didn't tell the ladies what i meant to do with it, sometimes they look at me funny.

so after i got it home, i used my seam ripper to remove the sleeves at the shoulder.  then slipped it over my legs to get the fit and pinned it in place.

then i got out the sewing machine to sew up the newly fitted sleeves.  then trimmed off the excess.

i kinda wanted to use the bottom trim to finish off the top of my legwarmers so i cut it off to sew.  this is where it's good that i did a photo diy and not a video.  there may or may not have been some colorful language used.  i tend to make stupid mistakes and have to start over...and over and over :)  and then tend to jam up my machine so i have to remove knots of thread and on and on the troubles go.  so take it from one who knows, make sure you sew the top band outside to outside.  otherwise your seam will be on the outside and look really bad.

i kept pulling the solid green band tight so it would help the top to stay up on my knee.  it took me a couple tries, but i really love the way they turned out!  so for just a couple bucks, you can have some really cool legwarmers to keep you cozy this winter.  i plan on making loads of these.  i get awfully chilly in the winter!

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