Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween hangover

buying candy
whoa.  what a day it was yesterday!!!  fun but super busy.  i started my day with frantically finishing isaiah's costume.  i bought an XL ladies robe from salvation army for 50 cents and cut and sewed him an emperor palpatine cloak and used cardboard and foil for the electric 'force' that emits from his hands.  then i ran 11 miles, ate lunch and headed to the store for candy upon candy bags for the downtown trick or treating.  

hundreds of people lined the sidewalk and i handed out candy one piece at a time until i ran out.  i felt bad because i gave out my last chocolate then abruptly turned around and went inside!  i'm so bad.  i just didn't want anyone getting mad at me!
i wore a '60s wedding dress for my costume.  i had these visions of painting my face and being a corpse bride and also taking really cool pics in the cemetery, but i ran out of energy for all that.  still, lots of little girls loved my dress.

isaiah went to a friends party after school while i handed out candy.  then the three of us went trick or treating and pulled in an impressive amount of sweets.  mmmmmm, nothing like the smell of halloween.  
candy haul
and now, i start decorating for christmas......sigh.

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