Thursday, December 9, 2010

if only in my dreams

song of the day: 'i'll be home for christmas'
as it turns out, i won't be home for christmas this year, i'll be in sunny florida but that is neither here nor there. so i'm wearing like the quintessential christmas outfit today because i would melt into a little puddle if i wore this in florida. i just love the red, green, and black of the plaid (yes plaid again, can't help it) with the velvet skirt and the knee socks.'s the little girl in me coming out again.
and i obvs took pictures at the wrong time today. i usually take them right after i drop off the kiddo at school so there isn't much traffic and not a ton of people out walking around and such. well, i was a bit late in getting myself together this morning so it was about 10 am. as i'm setting up the tripod and what not, some fool boys came near by and sat at a park bench. the nerve! i mean, it's not like it's a city park or anything and totally open to any and every one who wishes to enjoy the splenders of siloam springs! whatevs. but that's why i look kinda stiff and a touch uncomfortable. if you were wondering or if you even noticed. really i just wanted to clear the air. oh, and to tell you that i am now wearing tights under my socks. it was a bit breezier than expected.
plaid shirt-a dude brought it in to my shop, so yes it's a men's shirt
skirt-vintage, thrifted
sweater-banana republic from a million years ago and it's getting holes in it but i wear it anyway because i like it
loafers-dexter, thrifted


calivintage said...

just had to pop in to tell you how much i've been loving all of your outfits lately! so so good.

archives said...

luuurve how you have part of the plaid shirt untucked!!!!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

this outfit makes you look 25. ;) hehe. It's really adorable and amazing. You're one of my favourite bloggers by the way. Just thought I'd tell you.

CAITLIN said...

i love this!! so classic :)

Rosie said...

simply fabulous. stupid boys....

FancyTreehouse said...

Umm, your legs are tiny! (not in a bad way)

Adorable outfit.

Anonymous said...

I love everything about this! I love all the colors together, and the sweater layered over the button up, and the socks! And well, everything else too :)

surfvintage said...

So cute school girl!!!!!!!!!! I love the green in such girly outfits!

Snappy-Q said...

I first have to say that I really loved your post yesterday about Christmas and how you are celebrating it with your boy, and how seeing it through the eyes of a child makes it so much better! Well said!
I always start the season all aloof and uninterested and then end up getting caught up in the excitement and joy of it all. It is definitely all about the love.
Secondly, I love this outfit. It is awesome.
Third, I am doing a giveaway. Check it out!

Eleanor said...

I have never met a plaid I didn't like.
I generally stay within the confines of my yard when taking pictures.
It is completely awkward photographing yourself whilst people are watching.
As uncomfortable as you may have been, you still look like a pro!

deanna said...

I love this, the colours and textures just go together wo well. It's the perfect christmas outfit.
Your skirt really does it, it's so so perfect. Lovely :)

tastymoog said...

I love that 1980 olympics bag! I want one of the vintage swatch watches so bad, but they are rare and $$$ expensive.