Wednesday, December 22, 2010

all is merry and bright

song of the day: 'here comes santa claus'
today we went down a bit south to eat at a fun place called 'no name pub'. there are dollar bills everywhere, on the ceiling and lining the walls. apparently, it's like a thing to write something on a dollar and then staple it up to leave your mark. there was an article in the bathroom (funny) that people have left about 65,000 bills! i would have added my own had i any cash on me.
then on the way back to the house we stopped at this little spot. in the background are some ruins of the flagler railroad that at one time linked miami with key west. then a huge hurricane ripped through the area in the mid 1930s and demolished a great deal of the tracks. my father in law loves history like this so he wanted to stop so we could take pictures. then we had key lime pie.
you know, it doesn't feel like christmas. i'm having a blast, but i'm no longer in the holiday spirit. it's kinda sad in a way. hopefully it'll come back soon. i mean, it's almost christmas!!
and this is just a fun pic of me under the marathon sign. ya know, cuz i ran a marathon :)
shirt-rodarte for target
skirt-from a really cool girl who brought clothes into my shop
shoes-vintage bass sneakers


Kerry said...

There's something so eerily beautiful about ruined railways. Thanks for sharing. Looking good lady! x

myedit said...

Ha, your father in law found your outfit shoot location? That's classic! The view from your roof top is gorgeous... I say your because I'm hoping you buy the rental down south and invite us to stay...ok?xo

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

I'm loving these photo locations. So refreshing (and warm looking)!

I have that same shirt and it's my favorite! It's so comfy!


Kimberellie said...

I do love the stripes with the floral! And yes, I do hope the holiday spirit comes back to you soon! I was once in Hawaii for Christmas and it was weird not being home. Though now, I would DEFINITELY take a warm vacation!! It is rain rain rain here!

much love: kimberellie miss furnellie (with a baby in her belly) Oh yes. There's a baby in my belly. I thought you should know Miss Amanda!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

wow. I can't even imagine having any of that money at all. haha.
very pretty shots!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so in love with your skirt! x hivennn.

heidiluxe said...

hi, i'm follower 290! so glad i stumbled upon you. i want to make that skirt for myself. and my daughter.

Blythe and Charlotte said...

I really love this outfit, especially the skirt! It has such a fabulous pattern!