Friday, October 22, 2010

true colors are beautiful

song of the day: 'true colors' by cyndi lauper
yesterday was a wonderful and busy day. it began by dropping off the kiddo at school, then running 8 miles. after i got cleaned up and had lunch, i went thrifting (and bought this bag and the loafers), then went to my shop. most of my afternoon at the shop was spent setting up for a really awesome event that we were hosting that evening. it was the 'siloam soiree' for the international princess project and punjammies (pajamma pants). this organization (ipp) is amazing. their mission is to go to india and rescue women out of sexual slavery and give them hope and a future by way of buying them out of prostitution and teaching them to sew. by teaching these women a skill, ipp gives them a chance of living free and restores their dignity. if you have a chance, i encourage you to check out their website. it's really a pretty cool thing.
anyway, we had a ton of people here in the shop to hear about ipp, buy punjammies, eat delicious indian food, get henna tattoos, and watch a fashion show. it was so super fun. i even got to model :) and i'm hoping to sell the punjammies here on a permanent basis. it makes a big difference when you can see the fabrics in person and touch what was made by the hands of women in india who were once in captivity. it's really impactful.
skirt-urban outfitters
bag-vintage (it totally feels like a sofa! you know those ones i'm talking about, right? from the 70s?)
loafers-thrifted, dexters (i know, i just love these shoes)


Robyn said...

I want a sofa purse! Way to go getting your model on.

Justice Pirate said...

It is really great that someone else is speaking up against human trafficking and sexual exploitation. You had told me before about that organization and I have it in my giant lists of organizations that fight such injustices! Thank you so much for spreading the awareness. I hope that people will understand what is going on even in their own neighborhoods.

your henna looks so pretty!!

archives said...

Amanda, I'm sure you've seen my many references to my trip to India; I am SO stoked to read this!

What an AMAZING cause, I am so, so happy you were part of it! Sounds like a great event. I just visited the website, and when I am not so freaking broke, you can bet 100% I am ordering some of those pants! This is a cause near and dear to my heart, it's great to learn of new ways to support women breaking out of sexual slavery. Thank you for sharing!!!

Rosie said...

Love your purse Amanda! Good for you for getting the word out there on human trafficking! Your henna is beautiful!

Kate said...

I love love this. This is such an amazing autumn outfit. Beautiful girl.

FancyTreehouse said...

LOVE this outfit! :)

Anonymous said...

hey, don't suppose you want to just bundle me up that whole dang outfit and mail it to Australia?


didn't think so. worth a shot though :)

Kristin, Golden Hearts Loves Vintage said...

you look so great! i cant believe your a mommy already. this is my favorite outfit by you so far. you look really pretty. :)

Kate Maggie said...

that bag is one of the greatest things I have seen in such a long time. I love it! Such a good find..and your tee! love love love! Whats your boy being for halloween? x

surfvintage said...

I'm truly in love with the skirt!!!! and the bag print is so cute! lovely!

KristiMcMurry said...

The bag is amazing! And yep...looks like a sofa. In fact, it looks like the sofa I have sitting in my garage waiting to be cleaned! haha. I can't wait to get it ready for the spare room :)

The organization, ipp, sounds wonderful! I love that idea.

rebecca said...

ipp sounds like a wonderful organisation (:

Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

I think it's just awesome that you're supporting ipp!

Kimberellie said...

Oh, that bag is making me jealous. JEALOUS. LOVE it. And lovely lovely you. You look gorgeous in these photos.

And what a super cool organization! I will have to go check it out. How awesome that you did that. And you ran 8 miles this morning. You are so cool. Seriously though, I admire you. I know, like me, you aren't perfect...but you do get out there and live. And sometimes I find it hard to do the dishes when there's SATC to watch!

but maybe it is how it is to have a toddler. let's just stick to that excuse. ;-)

heart: Kimberellie

Leovi said...

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Elekon said...

amazing bag!love the outfit !

Anonymous said...

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Kelli said...

loving that bag!!

beaucoup vintage said...

Wow! What a great way to use your store to help others. And those jammies are gorgeous! I would wear some of those pants out!

Also, I think it's hilarious that you started your post "today was a great day! I ran 8 miles!"

If I wrote that it would be "I feel like I'm dying! I lost my damn mind and tried running 8 miles and fell down after 2!" :)

You rock.

paigewinter said...

gosh, your photos keep getting more and more beautiful! :)