Tuesday, October 12, 2010

merl- that beautiful redheaded genius

k, so you all know about merl's giveaway, right? no? well, head over to clyde's rebirth STAT and find out all you can about this. you could win $100 to her etsy shops clyde's rebirth and mo vintage. sound too good to be true? i assure you, it's not. i've checked out her lookbook a few times and i just thought i'd show you a few of the looks i am dying over (and to make sure you all are aware of the things i want so you can make sure you keep your dirty hands OFF! :).

anyway, for real guys, you have to get in on this great giveaway opportunity. and doesn't morgan (from morgan and lua) look fantastically gorgeous in all of these photos??? wow, ladies. you both did such an amazing job :)


Morgan and Lua said...

Thanks Amanda! I tried really hard to look extra moody for Merl.

That magnifying glass necklace is pretty darn amazing. You should definitely get it!!

Kate said...

I love this!

Anonymous said...

uh-oh. Everything you want, I want too--except for the bag.