Thursday, October 7, 2010

lose yourself in wild romance

song of the day: 'all night long' by lionel richie
this is city lake. oh man, lots of memories were made here. it's one of those places you'd go with your sweetheart to hang out and...stuff. basically, this was the 'lover's lane' of siloam springs. no clue if the students still use the lake for that purpose, but this used to be THE place. matt first told me he loved me while parked out on this very peninsula. he wrote me a song (which he also played at our wedding) and sang it to me in my car. i cried.
but we'd go here and stay up all night talking, first about silly nothings and then later about getting married and where we wanted to go on our honeymoon. yep, this is a pretty special place. and it's so funny, because i haven't been here in years. it's only like 5 minutes from town, but i never even think to come out here and enjoy it. i'm glad i did this morning. it was cold, but the sunlight was beautiful and if you look across the lake, you can see the trees just starting to change color. it felt pretty serene and allowed me to reflect. i sometimes forget about the memories i've made here, in this little town in northwest arkansas. in a way, taking my camera on the road has forced me to think about stuff i haven't thought about in a long time. i'm trying to go to places that are special to me so that i can share them with you guys, to make my blog more interesting. but really it's good for me. not only does it get me out of my comfort zone, but it also reminds me of some pretty good times.
it's too bad i don't still have my old car. i drove a 1994 oldsmobile cutlass ciera back then. it was burgundy outside and in. a great car. i had her for 11 years then bought the mercedes, pauli girl. i just had to take a pic with her out at the lake since she didn't get any 'parking' action back in the day :)
sweater-thrifted, vintage? liz wear
shorts-thrifted, talbots
shoes-thrifted, dexters


Lucy, Dear Fish said...

Oh Amanda, these photos are gorgeous! They look so autumnal, and totally remind me of why I fell in love with Arkansas when I visited. Also, what a lovely story about the lake. It's so funny how the most picturesque spots are also the make out spots! When I was in high school my boyfriend used to take me in his Jeep up to this mountain called Grizzly Peak, which has an incredible view of the San Francisco Bay. We'd always see other people from our high school smoking pot or steaming up their cars...good times.
Also, you know how much I loved Maude, my Mercedes, so I'm so excited to see a picture of Pauli girl. What a beauty she is!

Archives said...

i love your new "on the road" posts! i'm realizing i connect more with blogs where the writer shares personal stories, so i've been trying to do more of the same myself!

what a beautiful location! both for the amazing lake and trees, but also the sweet memories! those otk socks are fab.

ps- thanks for your comment yesterday! i knew that if i opened up to my blog friends i'd find more of the confidence i've been lacking. i don't know how you run so many miles....i could hardly make it through my jog yesterday! mostly my legs crap up easily. have any runners wisdom on that??

Carys said...

These pictures are so, so beautiful, the light is amazing!! I love your jumper, what a lovely post!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Justice Pirate said...

Wow! How gorgeous is that place? what beautiful memories made there. I love romantic stories. :: sigh :: keep them coming!! Your marriage sounds so wonderful!! I love your outfit here by the way. Cute socks. gotta love the oldsmobiles. I used to have a '96 cutlass sierra myself but it got destroyed when someone rammed into the whole side of it when my husband was using it one night 3 years ago.

myedit said...

I love the story of the lake...
And the picture of your pretty mercedes is all good. makes me miss my old Volvo which died a smokey death this summer...

TheMen'sSide said...

You look really nice :)
Like it :)

Anonymous said...

Amanda, your sweater got me curious and brought me here from weardrobe and I am so happy I came here. I could really relate to what you wrote, about rediscovering old fvorites and reminiscing the memories that took place there. It is probably very good for our minds and I glad that the blog if nothing else is making you do this. :)

I would love for us to stay in touch every now and then if you would not mind. Google, bloglovin, twitter whatever you like. :)

Please let me know how you'd feel about that.

Love from Toronto, Canada

Kristin said...

how nice. here in ny washington square park is lovers lane. cool pics.


anne said...

i just heard all night long the other night! my friend was in the car and i tortured her by making her listen to whole thing. she obviously doesn't understand the rad-ness of lionel richie like i do :D
i love the lake shots. you look adorable with your knee highs.
have a fun weekend!

Kimberellie said...

Truly lovely photographs. The vintage feel is just beautiful. And your outfit is lovely. I adore the sweater.

And your memories...also beautiful. Thank you for sharing them! It is nice to get out, isn't it? Oh, and a song at your wedding? How absolutely romantic. I read my husband a poem I wrote for him. (trying to think of something creative he could have done for me...but he didn't, he just looked dashing...he's an it was either that or do my taxes at the ceremony...). ;-)

surfvintage said...

Lovely sories about this beautiful place. Thanks for sharing your memories they are so cute ;)And cool car!!! nice outfit too!

KristiMcMurry said...

That's so sweet! I love places like this that hold a lot of memories. It's nice to revisit them once in a while.

I love your car :)

The Fashion Moodboard said...

Gorgeous pictures, they send out such a good vibe! Your outfit is really pretty!

silviasiantar said...

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great photos very pretty! love the sweater.
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