Tuesday, October 5, 2010

stairway to heaven

song of the day: 'stairway to heaven' by led zeppelin
yesterday afternoon, i grabbed my camera and tripod, packed it in the car, and drove over to my alma mater and the 100 stairs to take my pictures. literally, there are 100 steps leading up to the campus. when i was going to school there, my dorm was at the very top, but they've since torn it down and built another in its place. but i've run up these stairs a number of times in training. by about the fifth time, you feel as though gravity has actually gotten heavier and is pushing against you. by the time you reach the top, there's no spring to your step. but going down is worse. you feel pulled down but the steps are pretty narrow so you have to really watch your feet so you don't fall. plus, your legs are shaking from the effort of running up them. great workout though. and i remember sitting at the top of those stairs with matt when we were dating. one night, we talked for a couple hours up there, you know, about nothing and everything at the same time.
so this place has a lot of meaning for me. i think i'm going to try and make a real effort to show you some of my favorite places around town. there are some cool spots in siloam that i love and want to share with you guys. i just have to get up the courage to get out there!
oh and i did the house tour yesterday but it was so shaky that i'll have to do it again. i'm not much of a cinematographer.
sweater-vintage, thrifted
shorts-vintage levi's
shoes-urban outfitters
bag-d&b, thrifted


Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

well that certainly explains your amazing legs!! Love the sweater :o)

Justice Pirate said...

wow that's a lot of stairs to clim up to. Which school did you attend? I loved the nostalgia in this entry. awww. I love your shirt!!! People should just climb stairs more often to get in shape.

Thanks by the way for the sweet comment left to me. I made a lot of poor fashion decisions too, but I LOVE seeing how people used to dress so it would seriously rock to see old photos of you no matter what. You'll be beautiful no matter what!

Lay Rosa said...

Great style ! i love your blog!


Archives said...

yeah i agree with ana - now we know where your great gams cam from!!! i'd have a hard enough time walking up them...much less running!

tights under shorts = awesome!

SophieGrace said...

Cute sweater! Them steps look killer!


Rosie said...

Good lord! Look at those stairs! You look really great! I love that cream sweater!

Little Ocean Annie said...

Yikes! I guess that's one way to help college kids avoid the freshmen 15!
I love your shoes, lady.

maggeygrace said...

haha, I almost wish we had 100 steps like this so my freshmen 15 could be entirely avoided! Anyways, your sweater is darling and you look perfect (as usual)

Anthea said...

Great outfit and location. Your school looks like it was quite a picturesque place to study!

shealennon said...

Wow! You had to go up those steps every day? I'm sweating just looking at them.
I love that you're showing us around your town, thank you!

surfvintage said...

Hello, I've discovered your cute blog and I've added you to mine.
Lovely sweater ;D

KristiMcMurry said...

That's a lot of stairs! I might have avoided the freshman 15 if I'd had to climb those every day. ha! I love your outfit. That sweater is very pretty.

Kristin said...

Nice outfit. The shorts with stocking is cool!


Between Laundry Days said...

I love hearing your story and recollections about the stairs. Great outfit, too!