Saturday, January 30, 2010

winter wonderland

isaiah and i are having a great time playing in the snow at the park by our house. since we don't live in a traditional home, we kind of consider this park to be our backyard. you can see the creek and one of the gazebos. there's also a really big fountain in this park, but i guess i didn't get a shot of that. we just love our downtown neighborhood!
matt, isaiah, and i went to dinner at the brick oven pizza joint across the street and it was just packed! we couldn't believe it. with the roads in such bad shape, we thought we'd be the only ones there. but we chatted with another family we know, and then walked back home and enjoyed the beauty of the softly falling snow in the lamplight. it was a great day.


Leproust Vintage said...

These photos are just adorable! We got tons of snow too last night!

amanda said...

i love getting snow! but tomorrow i'll be ready for spring again:)