Friday, January 29, 2010

snow day

we have had a crazy amount of snow here in arkansas this winter thus far. yesterday started the freezing rain, then sleet, now snow. i love it! well, it's fun because i have my family with me and we don't have to go anywhere and we're all safe and warm.
but i just had to go out and take pictures in this beautiful snow. so i pulled out my faux fur cape. i don't have a lot of places i can wear this thing, so i have to take what i can get. and who doesn't want some fur in the snow? i feel like a polar bear.
and just so you all know, i really appreciate your comments. they just really make my day.


chicfaced said...

first - you look super chic with your faux fur cape. i love the color!
second - it's snowing like crazy here in VA too, and unfort it is getting in the way of my ripping carpeting out of the shop!
third - you should consider IDing the pieces in your outfit, cause, for instance, I'd love to know where that purple top came from!

amanda said...

thanks! i heard that virginia got a ton of snow. hope things are okay out there. and congrats on getting some things done for your shop! i bet that's so exciting for you. and i will start id-ing my outfits. the lavender top is vintage though:)