Monday, January 28, 2013

two step

a few weeks ago, i shared some pics of home improvement projects i wanted to tackle this year.  well, this weekend we managed to cross one off the list!  matt and i spent our saturday night staining the wooden steps in our stairwell that lead up to our front door.  we went with a blueish tinted stain just for something a bit different.  and sunday afternoon, i wrote lyrics to an all time favorite song of mine on the stairs so you can read it as you head into the house.  i really love how they turned out!  and i can't wait to finish up the other projects we have planned!
'two step' by dave matthews
celebrate we will
because life is short but sweet for certain
we're climbing two by two
to be sure these days continue
things we cannot change
oh my love you came to me
like wine comes to this mouth
grown tired of water all the time
you quench my heart and you quench my mind

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