Friday, January 4, 2013

interior plans

as i've been thinking about my plans for 2013, i've decided it's about time i do a little domestic TLC.  i love this place and over the last year, it's become much more than a home to me.  kinda like an extension of our family.  i've made and cultivated friendships here that will last a lifetime.  we've lived in this loft four years now and it's about time she gets some new digs.
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there's just so much about this photo that i love, but what i'm focusing on here is the inspiration wall of magazine tearouts and photographs.  as much as i'd love to wallpaper my tiny watercloset in my bathroom, it doesn't make much sense to spend the time and money on a room that frankly only me and matt see.  but this could be fun.
       desire to inspire3
i want a new rug in the living area and i'd like something bold and graphic.  
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we have a boring black metal door leading into the house from our stairwell.  great for security reasons, pretty ugly on the eyes.  but how fabulous would it be to paint something bright and cheery to greet our guests?!  yep.  totally doing this.
                 Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 8.25.36 AM
our bedroom is pretty plain.  i want to bring more color and pattern into that room like i have everywhere else in the house.  using different layers and textures to make it warm and inviting and relaxing.  first step is a new duvet.
desire to inspire
i love books.  and i really love stacks of books everywhere.  i've already got a pretty good one started by my bed, but my idea is to just start collecting and stacking them all over the house.  then, when i need a new book to read, i've got my very own library to choose from.
via desire to inspire
desire to inspire2
we have wooden stairs leading up to our front door that are looking kinda sad after four years of stomping up and down.  i'd love to clean them up a bit and then write an inspirational quote up the steps.  
via desire to inspire
i took these images from my pinterest folder and a lot of them sadly don't have original sources :(

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