Monday, January 14, 2013


yesterday at 6:15pm, we said goodbye to the most amazing woman i've ever known.  my mom passed peacefully from this life to the next after suffering a ruptured aneurysm.  it's surreal, it hasn't fully set in that she's gone.  but i am at peace.  two years ago, my mom had a stroke that severely affected her left side.  she was unable to use that hand or walk without a cane.  i know that now she has a perfect body, one that will never see fatigue or blemish.  
i'm so thankful for the legacy she leaves behind.  she taught me how to love my husband and my son, how to cook, to sew.  she always encouraged me and gave me advice about kids, business, and driving in bad weather.  she was an incredibly independent and strong woman, but always with gentleness and compassion.  
i miss her.
and i'm sad.
but that's okay.


Aymara said...

My goodness I'm so sorry. I hope you and your family are able to find peace as quickly as possible.

My mom passed several years ago and it's still something that affects me. Nothing has influenced me as profoundly as the experience of losing her. I always recommend the book Motherless Daughters if you hit a rough patch.

I'm sorry! Love your blog! I hope it's a good outlet for you during this time.

Faith said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even begin to imagine. Sending prayers your way.

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog and it is truly inspiring. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. My heart goes out to you.

Lauren Hargrove said...

I am so sorry for your loss and I can't even begin to understand what you feel or are thinking... I know she will always be with you in some way. Sending good thoughts to you and your family...