Friday, February 22, 2013

on high waisted panties

for valentine's, matt treated me to some new undies.  after much back and forth going, i settled on a matching lacy ensemble (wink wink) and the above pictured floral number, all from american apparel.  no lie, we were a bit skeptical of the granny panty even though she has in recent years reinvented herself as the trendy high waisted brief.  she has, as you well know, been given a bad rap for her unimaginative design, poor fit, and control panel disguising ways.  however, all indecision flew out the door the minute i put them on.
i felt sexy.
like racy 60s movie kind of sexy.  as though i should be drinking and smoking in bed wearing nothing but my big panties and a flimsy robe.  why should a pair of underpants that cover my belly button make me feel so feminine?  almost like going against the status quo of tiny undies made me provocatively powerful. 
but make no mistake, these are most definitely lounging panties and not working panties.  the waistband placement makes pairing them with outer garments awkward and uncomfortable.  no matter, i love them and i will absolutely buy more.
i'm bringing the granny panty sexy back.

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